Our Way of Work

We provide a unique service to our clients where we as Turtle-Tech come and meet with our prospective clients to determine what is it exactly that they need for their business.
We have an excellent client relationship specialist who is available for any question during any time of the process, this provides a peace of mind to our clients that distinguishes us from our competitors.
The development team has an extensive résumé with regards to development work, from Client Relationship Management systems to intelligent rules engines to in-depth database design and implementation our team has done it all .

As part of our mission to put the power back in our customers hands we almost exclusively work with Open-Source software which makes it possible for a customer to study these topics and to a certain degree understand what we have built,
this also brings the development cost down exponentially as there are no “hidden” costs through licensing fees.
This approach also makes it extremely easy and very possible for a customer to employ their own development team to maintain this system and can take full control of the system for themselves.